Surviving a Sudden Zoom Call

Congratulations! You’ve been working from home for almost a year and time has lost all meaning.

When remote work started, you were normal. That is, you still abided by social norms. You styled your hair. You dressed in outfits that you could also wear outside your home. Maybe you even wore makeup.

Now, things are different. You have a favorite hoodie. All your pants have an elastic waistband. You can’t remember the last time product touched your hair. All makeup comprises one tube of chapstick.

Then, it happened. It finally happened. Somehow, amid the endless cycle of shuffling from your bed to the kitchen table that is now your desk like a hideous gremlin, you forgot what day it was and you have a professional Zoom meeting in 5 minutes. Don’t panic!

Zoom has special filters that make you look like a human.

First, click on the Settings icon.

In the Background & Filters section, click on the Studio Effects (Beta) button.

Finally, select your favorite eyebrows, moustache & beard, and lipstick filters.

Click on the Close button to save and apply these filters.

Amazing! Use the remaining four minutes to put on a real shirt and brush your hair.

You’re a professional. You can do this!

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