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“Sharing is Caring”

Two weeks ago, A. mentioned how difficult it is to find a babysitter in Tokyo. Childcare usually has to be booked months in advance. After the molestation scandal last year, many parents are wary of using certain services. In essence, last-minute childcare can be impossible for many immigrants living in Japan, when grandparents are at least one plane ride away. A., Z., and I imagined how a solution to short-term child care might look in the post-COVID era.

Share Care Home Page

Share Care is a web app that allows parents to enrich their child’s life with highly skilled caregivers. Life moves quickly—don’t waste time and space on your device downloading another beveled icon. Simply open your web browser, create an account and log in from your phone, tablet or desktop.

The verified caregivers are university students, parents and senior citizens in your neighborhood who want to share their time and unique skills with the next generation. The hourly fee allows caregivers to cover the cost of materials for each activity while earning money amid these times of economic uncertainty.

Search by keyword, location, name, or fee to find the perfect fit for your child’s needs. Browse the listings of activities or learn more about each caregiver through their profile.

Share Care Listings

Book the selected activity using the button on the activity page. Leave a note for the caregiver about allergies or other concerns. Once the booking is accepted by the caregiver, contact them to work out any final details.

In addition, the review section of each activity lets other parents know about the quality of the caregiver’s service.

If you enjoyed the service and want to share your unique skills, easily create a listing by filling out the form in the dropdown menu. Manage and accept bookings in your profile.

User Profile Page

Created part time, in less than two weeks, Share Care was our first app built remotely as a team using Ruby on Rails and hosted on Heroku. This app imagines a short-term childcare service that connects multiple generations in a community in a meaningful way.

Interested? Try Share Care today or contact me with any questions.

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  1. KatieJ says:

    This is a solid business idea 💡 – signed someone who has never been able to hire a babysitter.

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