Family Recipe

This year has been filled with loneliness, sorrow, frustration, and confusion. Chaos is the word that comes to mind and then rolls off the tongue.

With that in mind, I would like to share a family recipe that has been lovingly passed down from one generation to another in my family, used for many, many months—the Pandemic Martini.

The pandemic Martini

  • Ingredients
    • Gin or vodka, 60 mL/2 oz
    • Olives, 2


Step 1: Assess the alcohol situation in your home. Do you have gin? Maybe you have vodka in the back of the freezer? It doesn’t really matter. The store is far and the pandemic is continuing unabashed. You’re tired. Use whatever you have.

Step 2: Add 60 mL/2 oz of your chosen alcohol and a little ice to a cocktail shaker. Do you know where the cocktail shaker is? Do you own one? Is it packed away in boxes from the last time you moved? It doesn’t really matter. Do your best. Eyeball it.

Step 3: Strain the liquid into a chilled martini glass. Didn’t think that far ahead? Can’t find your martini glass? That mug over there looks clean.

Step 4: Serve with two olives.



  1. Katie says:

    Guess I know what I’m making tonight…

  2. KatieJ says:


  3. sheepchase says:

    Definitely a beloved recipe. Thank you for sharing at this important time!

  4. I will add this to our family cookbook!

  5. Such a versatile recipe, love it!

  6. CleverBunny says:

    Yes, yes, this is just the thing I needed. Infinite appreciation to you for sharing this treasured recipe ❤️

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